Thassos Island

Experience the beautiful sandy beaches & majestic pine clad mountains

Thassos is the northern island of the Aegean Sea, located very close to the Eastern Macedonia coastline. It is situated in the gulf of Kavala and it’s the closest to the continental Greece (8 km). Thassos is not far from Keramoti and the estuary of the Nestos River. It covers an area of 380 Sq.km. It is an island unlike any other, renowned for its natural beauty and diverse landscapes.

If you are one of those travelers who seeks an alternative kind of holidays, as hiking, swimming, horse riding, diving farming etc, all this among the great landscape of Thassos island then Limenaria is the best place for you. Limenaria beach is three kilometers long, from the harbor with its colorful fishing boats and the impressive Palataki till Tripiti on the western end. On the back side of the hill you can find the famous Metaleia beach. We are always willing to give advice and guidance to our guests and we can help you arrange car rentals, tours and other services.


Summer activities - sailing


On Thassos there are small boats that tour around the island and show the tourists the hidden and beautiful corners of the island. Sea cruises also organized by local boats. During your trip you get to know the beaches of Thassos and get a glimpse of magnificent creatures such as dolphins and sea turtles.

Summer activities - scuba diving

Scuba Diving

The clean sea and calm waters make Thassos ideal for scuba diving. Apart from the beauty of the land, Thassos has a magnificent seabed which you can explore with the help of the diving centers available in Thassos, mainly in Pefkari, Potos, Psili Ammos. All diving centers have qualified staff with long experience and possess the necessary equipment.

Summer activities - trekking


Trekking on Thassos is a great way to explore the island’s unknown face. Thassos is not just a sunny place with beautiful beaches. Thassos is an island where you can do anything. One of those is hiking. There are wonderful trails where you will discover why Thassos fascinates its visitors.
Typical trekking routes: 1. Climbing to the top of mount Ipsarion. 2. A great hiking route starts from the Monastery of Michael Archangel towards Theologos with a duration of approximately 3 hours. 3. Equally interesting is the hiking route from Alykes towards Theologos and vice versa. 4. From the settlement of Potamia starting from the camp starts a very interesting route through the dense primitive forest consisting of huge platanus, chestnut trees and pines.

Summer activities - snorkeling


Thassos is the perfect island for swimming. It has many beaches either organized, or otherwise, but in all of them you will find crystal green blue waters, golden sand, and a unique environment of pine trees. Thasso’s waters are absolutely safe to swim in. Furthermore most of the beaches have shallow waters, which makes them a perfect choice for families with children since they can play with safety.
You can combine your swim with the famous activity of snorkelling. Just grab your mask and head into the sea to explore its hidden secrets! Thassos has clear waters all around, which make snorkeling a realy fun summer activity.

Summer activities - cycling


Cycling is considered as one of the most popular sports activities in the world. A special characteristic of cycling is its ability to meet several different requirements such as transport, athletic exercise and entertainment. Thassos is an ideal place for outdoor activities! In recent years, every spring (May 1st), mountain cycling races are organized in Thassos. There are no prerequisites for participation. A symbolic participation fee is required though.

Winter activities - honey


Walking through the dappled light of Greek pine forests, it’s not uncommon to stumble across these nondescript wooden cases. Whether singly-placed or in clusters, the boxes are an oddly compelling sight, reminiscent of Stage Coach cases, or something found hidden in the back corner of the attic. Treasure or terror inside, one wonders? The answer is, perhaps both. Bee Boxes, or moveable bee-hives as they are known, have been used for centuries to facilitate commercial honey production.

Winter activities - tsipouro distilation

Tsipouro Distillation

Tsipouro is produced using a lower degree of distillation which allows it to retain its distinct aromas of pomace. Thassos has some local varieties that produce flavored tsipouro with anise.

Winter activities - olive gathering

Olive Gathering

Olive harvesting is a big part of Thasso’s local life. During the winter months of November and December the majority of the locals is working on their olive fields.

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